Burgo Tolmezzo

Through an Italian boilermaker, R&V Engineering has supplied a complicated supplementary firing system for a papermill in the Italian Dolomites. 

As the required steam demand in TEG mode is high and the turbine exhaust gas flow is not sufficient, supplementary air is added in the turbine exhaust gas flow upstream of the burners. This allows high burner heat inputs and firing temperatures > 1500  °C to reach the required steam output. As a back up Ambient air can be fired at very low excess air rates, operating the HRSG almost as a conventional boiler. In order to meet the applicable emission limits flue gas recirculation is applied for NOX emission abatement.

  • Burner type: MG-30
  • Heat input : 80 MW
  • Fuels: Natural Gas
  • Operating modes: TEG, TEG + Augmenting air,  Ambient air