DJC supplied to an Austrian boiler manufacturer a special design grid type duct burner for a project in Malaysia.

The duct burner is build up from two (2) stages. Stage 1 burner is installed in the duct between the outlet of a gasturbine and the inlet of a HRSG, stage 2 burner is installed in between the heating surfaces of the HRSG. Both stage duct burners are suitable of firing in combination with Turbine Exhaust Gas. Because of the combination of low oxygen content and low flue gas temperature at the inlet of stage 2 the burner is equipped with a special augmenting air system which ensures proper combustion without instability or exceeding emissions.

  • Burner type : DJC grid type duct burner, Dual stage
  • Heat input : Stage 1 : 176 MW / Stage 2: 117 MW
  • Fuels : Natural Gas
  • Operating modes : TEG + Augmenting air