DJC supplied to a Siemens Energy a special design grid type duct burner for a project in Canada. 

The duct burner is installed in the duct between the outlet of a gasturbine and the inlet of a WHRU. The grid type duct burner is suitable of firing in combination with Turbine Exhaust Gas or, in case the Gas Turbine is out of operation, in combination with fresh air. In order to achieve an acceptable velocity window over all operating cases the installation is equipped with rotating baffles which can be closed during fresh air operation. Special design of air foils for proper air flow distribution to the burners was designed and supplied by De Jong Combustion.

  • Burner type : DJC grid type duct burner
  • Heat input : 30 MW
  • Fuels : Natural Gas
  • Operating modes : TEG + Ambient air