De Jong Energy Services supports your industrial Heat, Burner and Emission Reduction projects through these activities:

Combustion Systems

Combustion Systems offers you the expertise and experience of De Jong Combustion BV and R&V Engineering BV*. As global players we are leading in the field of Custom Made Industrial Burners with a multitude of fuels such as Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Waste Gases, Biomass and Oil. Your choice from the following products, all 100% Hydrogen ready:

  • Circular duct burners
  • Grid type duct burners
  • Low-NOx register burners
  • Start-up/load burners for Fluidized Bed
  • CO Combusters – Incinerators
  • Air (re-)heaters.

* Formerly Rodenhuizen & Verloop

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Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions takes care of your existing installation. Retrofit it to reduce emissions, to decarbonize, to denitrify: we take care of it. Worldwide.

We offer:

  • Turn Key retrofit of your existing combustion system
  • OEM Spares and third party spares
  • Inspection Services, Commissioning Services
  • Burner Management System / Local Control Panel / Energy
  • Process Control systems: replacements, upgrades and new installations
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De Jong Energy Services

Managing Director DJC & RVE

Our installations are everywhere. Looking at the world map from left to right, there are dots from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia to Australia.

Skid Modules

Our Skid Module activity engineers and/or manufactures your fuel gas, fuel oil, metering, pressure reduction, filtration, pump or compressor skid. We manufacture in our own shop in Schiedam, and tune your project with any EPM (Engineer/Procure/Manufacture) scope you wish. You benefit from our 60+ years basic and detailed engineering and procurement experience of piping, instrumentation, valve, electrical and controls scopes. 


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