Your partner In Skid Modularization 

Trusted hands assembling your specialty components skid mounted to the quality level you desire? A skid partner who understands, and to efficiently develop the process, materials, functionality and applications with? Be it Hydrogen, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy or Power, we are at home in your world. We follow your manufacturing philosophy, (detail) engineer and manufacture Skids with your functionality and make sure it gets to your project safe and on time.


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Markets: Energy

Our customers are EPC Contractors, Industrial Services partners, Plant owners, Engineering Consultants and first class Original Equipment Manufacturers of key components in industrial applications such as combustion, filtration, separation, pumping, compression, metering, pressure reduction and heat exchangers. For you we can design and manufacture skid mounted piping and valve systems for (fuel) gas and liquid media since 1975. We serve the most demanding markets such as Hydrogen, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy and Power. Globally. 

Markets: Process Industry

Our customers are also situated in process industries including and not limited to Biogas, Biofuel, Bio Waste, Pulp & Paper. For you we can design and manufacture industrial skid mounted collection, pumping, piping and valve systems. Electrical, Controls and safeguarding systems are engineered and manufactured by A. de Jong BV as well. 

Our proposition: Engineer, Procure, Manufacture, Install

We are your one stop shop. We can provide any package of services ranging from manufacturing up to complete turn key (EPMC) services. De Jong Skid Modules can, as part of A. de Jong group within the Energy Solutions business unit, provide multi-disciplinary teams where necessary. We manage projects, we engineer, we provide instrumentation-, mechanical-, electrical- engineering services, procure key components and raw-materials. We manufacture and assemble, and we ensure seamless installation (construction) at your facility.

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We work with own staff welders, pipe fitters, electricians and construction technicians. Our indoor manufacturing facility of over 1,800 m2 (19,000 ft2) is equipped with various welding technologies, and for a variety of pipe fitting, assembly and metal working activities.  We are used to process and work with stainless steels such as SS-304, SS-310 and SS-316 and various carbon steels. Welders are certified according EN, DIN and ASME codes. With our partners for painting, non-destructive examining (NDE) and transportation services we ensure seamless integration.  Safety is paramount! All our personnel is VCA certified, and ensure the importance of safety as a value to our company. Obviously, we are VCA and ISO-9001 certified.